Throughout his life, all citizens of our country have breathed air polluted in Spain, and the vast majority of the population has been exposed to pollution levels exceeding the who recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization).

The continuous increase in the population and uncontrolled industrial development have led to the emergence of serious problems for the enviroment and it is reflected at the level atmosphere, wáter and soil affect the daily life of the people.

It is a phenomenon that concerns us because of his good condition depends on our life and future, as well as the hundreds of animal and plant generations.

Causes of pollution:

  • Fossil fuels: the constant growth of the production of coal, oil and natural gas increases the levels of air pollution, soil and water on the planet.
  • The world population index has grown at a different rate than the mortality rate, this is reflected in the high levels of industrial and domestic waste and the high production of garbage.
  • The increase of industries and the lack of environmental control in their processes, harms the ecosystem as a result of waste discharged into the air, rivers and seas.
  • Pesticides and chemical products used in crops can contaminate the soil and water in the area where they were planted.

Consequences of pollution:

– In one way or another, pollution affects us, either directly or indirectly. This incorrect use of available resources is reflected in:

– The weakening of the ozone layer: climate change.

– Water and soil: species in danger of extinction. Fauna and Flora.

– In the variations of the climate, high temperatures, or lack of rain.

– In the organism and in genetic defects.

 How can you contribute to reducing pollution?

  • Recycling the waste you generate in your day to day.
  • Reusing those products that have already met their use.
  • Reducing the use of your own vehicle and looking for alternative means.
  • Opting for the use of clean and renewable energies.
  • Promoting responsible consumption.
  • Not wasting energy.
  • Using natural cleaning products.
  • Decreasing the consumption of packaging products (plastics).

Together for a sustainable future!